Around the middle of 2016 my wife and I had become increasingly jaded by conventional holidays, so what to do? Caravanning did seem to offer a simple solution to that dilemma for we both have fond memories – possibly distorted by time – of holidays spent in caravans by the sea. Could a touring caravan offer a new challenge as well as relief from being packed into increasingly smaller aircraft seats, or extruded through ever longer security procedures?

Buy a sleeping box to drag around the countryside what could be easier; how naive we were!


Can I come?

These tales record both the enjoyment gained, the mistakes we have made, together with the lessons learnt and tales of journeys undertaken as we wobble off into an uncertain future.

I hope some of these notes will be of help to others embarking on a similar path or perhaps, and much more likely, they will provide us with a disjointed record to laugh at in darker times when we question our sanity.

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